Spreading the Truth

By Sofia L.

Propaganda & Democracy

From newspapers to illustrations to speeches, propaganda played a major role in the fight for equal rights. This tactic allowed people to expose the true horrors of slavery to the public. Through propaganda, protesters were able to get their message across, and battle for the rights they deserved, such as being able to vote for their representatives. Overall, democracy and the liberation of slaves would've been much more difficult without the help of propaganda.

Types of Propaganda

There were many ways to persuade the public using propaganda.

Some examples include:

*Using communication channels to reach a variety of people was a popular tactic.

*Abolitionists would write complex arguments to change the opinions of politicians.

*They also used simple forms of persuasion, such as posters and voting guides.

*Poetry by William Cowper, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Wordsworth was a very strong symbol of abolition.

*Large debates, speeches and rallies were held to preach to the public.

*Women and girls stitched and painted inspirational verses of poetry to help out the abolition cause.

*Hundreds of petitions were created with thousands of signatures of people who were against slavery.

Symbols of Protests

"Am I Not A Man and A Brother…"