IAG Scholarship Accepting Entries!

Deadline March 27, 2015

IAG Scholarship Competition 2015 - Enter Today!

Applications are due by Friday, March 27th, 2015.

  • IAG Scholarships will be presented to students based on merit.
  • A rubric based on criteria established by the IAG Selection Committee will be used to rate each student's submissions.
  • The scholarship will be advertised on the IAG website, the DOE Division of Exceptional Learners website, IMAGES, e-mails sent to all G/T Coordinators in the state, superintendent's mailing, and school counselors.
  • The scholarship will be called the "Indiana Association for the Gifted Scholarship".
  • The scholarship selection committee will include the scholarship chair and educators familiar with secondary high ability students.
  • Pictures of the award winners and short bios will be included in IMAGES.

For full details, please visit www.iag-online.org.