Revolution a la Mexicana

Gidalti Cardenas


Do you ever wonder how the Mexican Revolution came to be? Well, if you have, the following document provides a recipe on how to recreate it; although if you ask me, that is the recipe of great change. It is what made Mexico independent and a self-relying democratic nation.

Recipe in the making...


3 cups of poverty

3 cups of discrimination

1 1/2 cups of slavery

1 quart of a very determined priest and theologian Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

1 gallon of a very strong substance called "Grito de Dolores"

2 gallons of Spanish Tyranny

1 VERY STRONG battling Spanish force

1 quart of Ignacio Allende (multi-purposes)

1 gallon of an angry mass of Mexicans

1 Guanajuato tray

1 red, white, and green bowl


1) Pre-heat to 1810 A.D.

2) Set time to 09:16 m/d

3) Identify the smaller portions compared to the big portions.

4) Mix 3 cups of poverty, 3 cups of discrimination, and the 1 1/2 cup of slavery into your red, white and green bowl.

5) In this multi colored bowl, pour in your 2 gallons of Spanish Tyranny; taking into consideration that you must wait for your previous mix to absorb this correctly. However, you may also reverse the process by adding the ,is to the water, thus revealing that any way would make this mixture dependent of one another- more like a cause and effect blended together.

6) Mix Miguel Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, the angry mass of Mexicans, along with the gallon of the strong "Grito de Dolores" put that mixture in the Guanajuato tray. (Wait 12 minutes to put in tray). And note that here the Spanish Tyranny will be acting up against the mixture of the Guanajuato tray.


7) Use your hands to mold, capture and execute ALL of the mixture. All. (It should take you about 18.11 seconds).

8) Your recipe should be done at 08-24-1821 AD m/d/yy as the oven indicates.

9) Put your recreation is some sort of independent plate....

10) And... Enjoy!


In conclusion, we can see the major ingredients that sparked this tasty revolution of Mexican independence. Nonetheless, because of this, Mexicans have maintained their identity and enjoyed their freedom.


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