Counseling in the Middle

6th Grade at Hazelwood West Middle School

Monday April 7th - Wednesday April 9th

Majority of my time over the next three days will be committed to working in the MAP room labeling and stickering books.

Please inform your student to fill out a counselor request form and turn it into my locker. I will check my locker between 2nd & 3rd Block and between 5th & 6th Block.

If there is a student who needs immediate attention please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, April 8

Academic Excellence: Powerful Young Men's Group

Wednesday, April 9th

4th Block: Secret Society Social Skills Group (Mrs. Spotanski)

Thursday, April 10th

Emotion Management Counseling Lessons in Social Studies during 2nd, 3rd & 4th Blocks.

Thank you Teachers for Providing 6th Grade Students Great Teaching!

I Heart Teachers: What Great Teaching Looks Like

Want Academic Success? Focus on the Whole Child

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The relationship should always come before the learning....