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Honeyguide Bird and the Honey Badger By Timothy Kim

Attention! In Need of A Honey Theif!

In need of a mutual relationship! I am a small bird. I have very dull-colored feathers and am part of the woodpecker family. I live in parts of Africa and Asia like dry-grasslands, forests, deserts, and low mountainous regions. I may be small, but my family and I have been leading people and animals alike to honeycombs for generations! I am looking for a small, but strong honey badger that enjoys honey as much as I do. The plan is that I'll find the honey using my senses. Then, I'll lead you to the honey, and you'll steal the honey. You need to have strong paws and thick fur in order to steal the honey safely. I need you because I'm not physically capable of getting the honey by myself. Honey is almost always in my diet plans, so I need it in order to stay strong and healthy! In return for getting the honey, I allow you to keep most of it(I can only eat so much honey). After all, you honey badgers also eat a lot of honey too. However, all I ask for is a small portion of the honey.