Codename Verity

By Elizabeth Wein

Favorite Scene

In the book Maddie is working for the radio station to communicate with people in planes. While they are on their radios the siren comes on, which means there is an air raid. So Maddie and another employee go to the top of the building to a turret. Maddie has never shot a gun and she is frightened to shoot it. Although she was scared her and the other lady load the turret and shoot the plane down before it can drop the bomb.


The person writing this book is writing it like a biography. While she was working at war and she was captured and taken to their prison. While she is in prison the leader, Hauptsturmfuhrer Von Linden wants her to write everything about how she got to the prison. So she is writing the letter in third person. She is writing about Maddie and how all she wanted to do was become a pilot. When war starts her country has people volunteer to fly and fight. When she signs up they tell her that she is a girl and girls can't fly so she starts in the radio room. Throughout the book she is trying to work her way up to try and become a pilot.