Race horses

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Horses are really used for so many things. I like to see them race and watch them every time. It is fun to look and fun just to ride them sometimes. So in this page I am going to show you how they get them prepared and ready for there race.
Race Horses Work Out. Training Thoroughbreds. Kentucky Derby 2013


This is a normal workout for the horse every day and you have to be light to get on the horse every day. You can be about 120lbs or lesser because it is to heavy for the horse.
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A jockey has to wear all that special equipment in case he falls. He will have protection in his head.


I love to watch horses race I have been around them for a long time. I always ride my horses and race against other people. I like it so much that if I don't become a vet I will just become a jockey and go to Remington park in California and race horses that are worth so much money.
4/25/14 Quarter Racing Update: Remington Park


The owners get well payed if they win. Also they have to have trainers to get them well prepared. Every 4 years they have a derby to see which horse is at the top right now and has the best velocity.
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This is me enjoying and riding my horse.