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January Team Updates and Promotions

Hello Team,

Welcome to the team, all new designers!!! I am so happy to have you with us! Each month, I send out a monthly email with our team updates, top sales, promotions, and lots of other fun info.

I always start off with an announcement of our team volume for the previous month and want to give a HUGE shoutout for our December Team Volume. Our total team volume for the month of December was a whopping $117,788.10!! Give yourselves a pat on the back because each and every one of you contributed to this awesome number!!

I'm also so excited to announce our team promotions for the month of December:

December promotions:

Leading Designer:

Heather Gero

Cassidy Oliver

Tracey McConkey

Amy Swanson

Jodi Rowell

Stephanie Miller

Team Leader:

Alice Sommer

Cindy Chrysler

Nichole Allen

Senior Team Leader:

Ali Peifer

These ladies have been working hard to mentor and grow their teams. CONGRATULATIONS to you and all your hard work! I LOVE seeing these promotions!!!

And now for a shout out to our $1000 Club Achievers!!!

We have LOTS of $1000 Club Acheivers to celebrate this month:

Tamara Gissendaner (1), Polly Bragg (1), Kristen Kendrick (1), Linda Phillips (1), Stephanie Miller (1), Jodie Rowell (1), Kim Shaffer (1), Nicole Overbeck (1), Sherry Kazee (1), Tara Szekely (1), Janice Donley (1), Tracey McKonkey (1), Kathy Cunningham (1), Amy Swanson (1), Richelle Hunt (1), Dawn Stewart (1), Lynelle Funk (1), Cindy Chrysler (1), Julie Burdick (1), Mashell Hayes (1), Ginger Battle (1), Nichole Allen (1), Cassidy Oliver (1), Heather Douglas (1), Kim Meyers (2), Pam Lesniak (2), Julie White (2), Ali Peifer (2), Rachel Creed (2), Terra Garrett (2), Jessica McKinney (2), Kristin Meyer (2), Mary Boks (1), Sabrina Slagter (1), Ashley Keenan (1), Andrea Sutton (1), Jennifer Rangel (1), Nicole Seidel (1), Kristy Dashier (1), Nancy LaBerge (1), Kristine Oatley (1)

Each of these ladies have earned tickets for the Ultimate Spa Retreat incentive package I'm offering at the end of the year. Each time a designer reaches $1000 in PV, she will receive a ticket for the drawing. The tickets accumulate over the year and the winner is announced below.

Don't miss these important upcoming meetings:

Savvy Networking Team's 2014 Kickoff Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 23rd, 6:30pm

5180 Fashion Square Boulevard

Saginaw Charter Township, MI

New Year. New goals. New habits. New income. New debt-free lifestyle. There is nothing like a fresh start! Come to this meeting for some great recognition, training, and inspiration for 2014. Remember, if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got! It's time to change some things up and see great results in your business and personal life. It all starts with you making a decision to show up! The more you know the more you grow!! Cost $2. Guests are always welcome and do not have to pay meeting dues.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Supercharged by Savvy Team Meeting with special guest, Al Fournier

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 6:30pm

3325 Davenport Avenue

Saginaw, MI

Come to this very special meeting with our Director of Regional Sales, Al Fournier. I am thrilled to have a representative from the Nest joining us for a meeting! That is HUGE! Al specializes in helping leaders and designers grow their teams with training on booking, selling, and recruiting! Please plan on making it to this meeting to show Al how awesome the Savvy Networking Team is! Location will be determined when we have a better idea of how many designers will be attending. It will be in the Saginaw area. Cost: $5.00

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Thank you all again for an amazing month! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love,