Looking a Hot Mess?

Need Your Nail, Hair, Eyebrows, and Toes Done??

Campus Beauty/Nail Salon !!!!NOW OPEN!!!!!!!..........

Don't Pay Someone to Give You a Ride to Utica, Then Pay to be Groomed When You Can Get it Done Here!!!

Navae, Myself, Does Nails (Any Designs, Shape or Form) .. Eye brows (Unfortunately Just a Clean.).. Toes :X (NEW).. and Hair (Coloring, Blow Dry, Wash, Perm (At Your Risk)..

Krystal, Hair Stylist, Does Hair Ofcourse ( Weave- Sewn, Glued, and Clips) Buy Your Own Clips.. Styles Hair aswell

Works in Commons1 and South

Navae (Common 1)

Krystal (South)

Schedule Appointments Only :D


Ask for Number..