Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Colony

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About Rhode Island

Need a nice place to live? Read this brochure and find all about Rhode Island and why you should live here.

The Founders of Rhode Island and why Rhode Island was founded.

Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams who founded Rhode Islands first permanent white settlement at Providence in 1636. Roger Williams got Rhode Island's first charter in 1644. The settlements of Providence, Portsmouth, Newport, and Warwick were better united after England granted them their charter. Rhode Island was founded for a little more religious freedom.

Roodt Eylandt

Rhode Island was named Roodt Eylandt by Adrian Block, a dutch explorer. The meaning of the name is red island referring to red clay that lines the shore. You can use this clay to make bowls and cups for you and your family.

Important People

Climate and Geography

It is never too cold or too hot in Rhode Island. We have cold winters and mild summers. We have mountains trees and rivers. If you like to live in the mountains Rhode Island would be a perfect place for you to live. We have two main land regions--the coastal lowlands and the Eastern New England up land. We have 36 islands and it has 40 miles of coastline. If you and your family want your own island to live on, we can give you one. The coastline is also a great place to live because you will have plenty of water. If you like the cold winters and mild summers weather, then Rhode Island is the best place for you.


We have good food sources here in Rhode Island. In coastal towns, people will make their living by fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding. Farming is a little difficult for crops like wheat, but you can still manage. You can plant corn, pumpkins, rye, squash, and beans. Also whale oil can be used in lamps.

Little Rhody

Our colony nickname is Little Rhody. We are called Little Rhody because out colony is so small. Since Little Rhody is such a small colony, land is more readily available. You may think otherwise, but because of the lack of square mileage, there is less demand for the land, as many people underestimate how much land is actually there. Since you have so much land, you could use some of it to plant crops for your benefit, which could possibly lead to a surplus, if you keep at it.

Our Religion

In some areas there are Quakers, Baptists, Anglicans, Puritans, and Congregationalists. One setback is our lack of religious freedom, but that shouldn't be a problem if you stay true to the Christian faith.


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Politics, Government, and a Little Rhody History

From 1647 to 1663, the colony was governed by a president, with four assistants. The royal charter was suspended from 1686 to 1689. In 1654 the union of the 4 towns was re-established. In 1651 a separation occurred between the towns of Providence and Warwick on the one side, which continued the government under the Parliamentary Patent of 1643, and Newport and Portsmouth on the other, which formed a new government under the authority of a commission that granted to William Coddington, appointing him proprietary governor-for-life of the islands of Rhode Island and Conanicut. This commission was granted on April 3, 1651 by the Council of State of the Commonwealth of England.

Native Americans

There are many Native American tribes. The Narragansett, Niantic, Nipmuck, Peguot, and the Wampanuag. A few thousand indians lived here before we did. The Narragansett are the most numerous tribe in Rhode Island. They are peaceful people who would hunt, fish, and farm.