Concepts of TKAM

by Deen



The real definition of Prejudice;


Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience


give rise to prejudice in (someone); make biased.


Prejudice from my Perspective:

I see prejudice as an extreme act of racism, which in most cases, it is. One obvious part of prejudice that makes it mean what it means, is how it automatically judges someone. You pull the word apart, you have “Pre” and “Judice”. Pre, could be comprehended as “before”, and judice meaning, “under judgement”. Which is still something that happens today. We see people on the streets, in stores, anywhere really, we look at their clothes and how they present themselves, and we automatically pre judge them, and most of the time, those assumptions are greatly invalid.


The way I feel towards prejudice is that I wish it could all just stop, and people would try to be so much less hateful towards each other. That’s probably what every human with a solid heart thinks about anytime they come across a subject like this, but it’s just something that we can not get rid of. Prejudice has managed to simmer down a little bit these days, but we all know quite well, it still occurs everyday, every hour, just not as visibly rude as it used to be.



Connotation: Being obligated to something, shows a sense of commitment to complete something.

Denotation: An act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

Association: There are some things that people should be or at least try to be obligated to in life, for example, I'm obligated to playing the piano, because I somehow find a random enjoyment in pressing keys and somehow producing good sounds.