Ms. Kilar's Class News

Friday, September 14, 2016


We had another great week in 4th grade! Students are getting used to our rotation and schedule and doing a great job of remembering their supplies.

Our iPads are finally ready! I will send them home on Monday, Sept. 19. I would like to be sure the students have them everyday next week and I want to have time to go over routines, procedures and an additional homework sheet before I start sending them home. Please see the iPad agreement in the Friday folder and go over it with your child.

There are forms in the Friday folder about logging into Spelling City and ThinkCentral at home. The form from ThinkCentral explains how parents can access student assessment results in Language Arts and Math. We completed our first ELA assessment today. There is also a form about iPad use.

We have our field trip to Flywheelers next week on Thursday, Sept. 22.

  • Students need to be dressed for the weather we are outside all day - dress in layers
  • Please wear tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes - no sandles
  • We will be leaving Shay at 8:15 and returning at 2:55
  • Students will need to pack a snack, a lunch and bring a drink.
  • Parents, if you returned the form about the field trip indicating you are going to chaperone, I'm planning on it! Thank you!
  • Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns before Thursday.

Language Arts

Reading: This week we read an excerpt from "Because of Winn-Dixie." Our focus was on story structure. We reviewed characters, setting and the plot of the story.

Writing: We worked on writing a narrative paragraph about our summer vacation. Our focus was on word choice to describe location and transition words.

Grammar: We learned about how every sentence needs a subject and a predicate. We also reviewed what makes a complete sentence.

Spelling: Long a short a


Over the past several days, students have been working with place value through the hundred thousands. Our focus has been on understanding our base-ten number system and writing numbers in different ways (standard form, word form, and expanded form). We worked on ordering numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest, and we compared numbers using the greater than, less than, and equal to signs. We also worked on rounding numbers.

Science and Social Studies

Social Studies- We read about what economists, geographers, political scientists, and historians are interested in. We drew symbols to represent each one. Please check the Friday Folder for Social Studies homework that is due on Monday.

Science- We studied the different structures of plants that support growth. We got an in depth look at a plant’s vascular system by doing an experiment with celery and food dye. Make sure to ask your child about this.

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - P.E.
  • Wednesday - Music
  • Thursday - Flywheelers
  • Friday - Art
  • Our specials will stay on a rotation of Music, Art, P.E.


Just a reminder that homework goes home on Friday and is due Thursday of the following week.

Starting the week of Sept. 26 your child will also have homework on the iPad.