GPHS Pirate Crew

Join the Quest to Increase Student Enagement Pirate Style!

Teach Like a Pirate

The book "Teach Like A Pirate" has taken the educational twitterverse by storm and now it's time to take over Grand Prairie High School. Spawning three nights of "Pirate Chat", educators all over this country are crediting Dave Burgess' Pirate passion as the force that radically changed their classrooms! This is a special limited-space book study group and also an opportunity to connect with other educators, including the author, in our efforts to bring PIRATE philosophy to GPHS.

What the GPHS Pirate Crew Will Do!

  • Read the book, Teach Like a Pirate!
  • Have meaningful discussions face to face & virtual!
  • Bring snippets of "Pirate Philosophy" to staff!
  • Communicate with the author & other #tlap educators during twitter chat!
  • Lead the charge with revolutionizing HOW our students are learning!

Learn The Pirate System!

P: Passion
I: Immersion
R: Rapport
A: Ask and Analyze
T: Transformation
E: Enthusiasm

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