faith Wedin: Career Goal- To become a Dermatologist

Career Overview

Dermatologists are doctors that specialize in treating skin conditions.

Tasks Dermatologists Perform

  • Record patients medical histories
  • Operate on patients to treat conditions
  • Refer patients to other healthcare practitioners of health resources
  • Treat chronic diseases or disorder

Career Skills & Intrests

Some skills needed to be a successful dermatologist are reading, listening, speaking, thinking critically, writing, and making decisions.

Career Working Conditions

Dermatologists usually work indoors with a group or team. They have frequent contact with others and there is often a lot of decision making. Dermatologists can also be exposed to diseases or infections. They have to do a lot of standing and meet strict deadlines.

Career Wages and Outlook

An entry level dermatologist can receive up to $125,00 per year. In Minnesota, dermatologists can earn $30 an hour on average. There are currently 160,390 dermatologists employed in Minnesota and 7,854,380 employed in the entire nation.In Minnesota, the employment of dermatologists in 2022 is projected to be 184,608, which is a 16.7% increase since 2012.

Related Occupations

Dermatologists can also become Clinical Dermatologists, Dermatological Surgeons, and Pediatric Dermatologists.

Education & Training

Program of Study

After high school, you will need to go to a four year college and receive your undergraduate degree. Then after college, you will need to go to a four year medical school and receive your medical licence.

Program Admission

Some helpful high school courses to take are chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy.

Program Coursework

Courses that you will complete as part of training to become a dermatologist are pre-medical courses in biology, organic chemistry, physics, and general chemistry. You will also need to take the board examination to become certified.

Related Programs

Dermatologists must earn and keep a current licence to practice. To remain certified, dermatologists must continue medical education requirements. They must also re-take and pass the board examination every ten years.

When I grow Up I Want To Be A Dermatologist


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