JCPRD Moonlight Preschool

May 2015

May Fee Dates

Friday, May 1

Friday, May 15th - 1/2 payment

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May Activities

We are wrapping up the school year with fun end-of-the-year activities and several weeks learning about Food and Nutrition.

The kids will wrap up this unit by planning their lunch on Tuesday, May 19th! I bet it will be an interesting, but YUMMY, lunch!

Starting next week, the children will do their afternoon shopping with Mr. Mark on Mondays. We know this is a busy time of year, especially on the weekends. We also know that the kids really don't like to miss shopping. So we've decided that shopping on Mondays might make things a little easier on everyone!

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Spring Conferences

Thank you to those families that were able to attend a Spring Conference. I know Miss Heather enjoyed getting to share things about your children with you!

Commit to Health - Monthly Tips

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Snow Days: 8a-5p


Program Director: Carrie Daly

Lesa Weatherred

Heather Bergman

Abigail Reese

Mark Hinojosa

Allison Gardiner

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