There are no rivers or desert. There is one lake names Buada Lagoon. Nauru is mostly sandy beaches.
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Climates, Plants, and Animals

Nauru has tropical climate, tempered by sea breezes. The average temperature is 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit. And an average of 180 in. Of rain.

Scrub and creeper plants dominate the area. Coconut palms, tomano freezes, frangipani flowers. Nauru has no indigenous animals.

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Natural resources

Phosphate, petroleum, fish, and hydropower

Brief history

Over 3,000 years ago it was inhabited by Polynesians. The flag has 12 pointed stars representing the 12 original tribes of Nauru. The Nauruan tribal war lasted 10 years from 1878-1888. It was ended by the Germans. The island was also involved in World War Two.

People's and languages

The decadents of the island trace back to Polynesians and Melanesians. 58% are Nauruan. 26% are general Pacific Islander. 8% Chinese and 8% European. The main religion is Christianity. The official language is Nauruan but English is used for governmental purposes

Land use

Most of the land is beaches whats not and is flat is taken by the airport


Education is the top priority of the Naru government. Per school is free. An school for ages 6 through 15 is mandatory

Traditions, customs, and food

All food but fish is imported. Fish and rice is an ideal meal, which leads to a high rate of obesity. Also all deaths and births are publicized.

Current issues

Limited fresh water resources and acid rain acidification