hypnosis for depression

hypnosis for depression

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hypnosis for depression

hypnosis for depression

The British Medical Association acknowledged & approved the use of hypnotherapy as a valid medical treatment to improve health in 1955,understanding the effectiveness of it as discovered by "James Braid", used by "Sigmund Freud". A hypnotic trance is said to be "experienced by 99.9% of the world on a daily basis", which can actually be seen. Health of all our clients is a priority as it effects our future business. The hypnotic trance entered occurs at the time of awakening i.e. the state of mind between 'sleep' and being 'conscious'. This utlises a peaceful, restful state of total relaxation and heightened awareness of sounds, sights, feelings allowing healthier healing methods to be considered, then implanted by the body.

The procedure involves 3 stages:

●Treatment customisation
●Carrying out the treatment
●Follow up session to ensure results are produced

Health & Safety significance -

Health and safety is of prime importance to hypnotherapy,

● If under prescription of any medication, we will need to know what this is to ensure that the treatment design is customised for the healthiest result.

● Any medical conditions such as Epilepsy and MS maybe require a specialised 'focus treatment'. We advise that they can only be treated in clinic or via a home/office visit for maximum health benefits, with it still being possible to do most other treatments online when required.

Is it normal to be apprehensive about hypnotherapy ? or is it better to remove any apprehension to discover better solutions for current problems which are still ongoing, presenting a risk to health or age or lifestyle. We help do this. Treatments are best performed in our clinic. .

Appointments are best made 1 week in advance to ensure waiting times are avoided or for urgency contact us.