By:Valeria Candela

Brief History

Virginia was the first permanent colony of England in the Southern territory of North America. The colony was a business venture of the Virginia company therefore workers were sent in search of gold but instead the settlers discovered tobacco and it quickly became a cash crop. The Trans-Atlantic Trade was used to transport goods, such as tobacco, from the North American colonies to England. The colony pertained to the Anglican branch of Christianity and the Virginia company created the first house of a legislative body called House of Burgesses. The labor intensity of cultivating tobacco caused Virginia to become heavily dependent on slavery for years to come, while also made Virginia prosper economically.

Moving to Virginia means access to Farmland and Culitivation

Important People and Battles

Bacon's Rebellion occurred due to the large portion of poor settlers who did not own land and they staged an uprising against the landowners. The House of Burgesses passed laws to allow slavery in Virginia, which discouraged the white landowners to side with the slaves and it meant more profit for the landowners because the increase in laborers allowed an increase in product. Powhatan was a chief leader of a Native American tribe that was forcibly removed of its lands to secure land for agricultural needs of the Europeans.