Ms. Sheila & Ms Barbara

It is sad to say "Good-Bye"

Well... we made it through the year. It has been a great year. Your kids are the BEST!!! We have seen them grow so much throughout the year. We have had a FUNtastic year.

Here are a few thoughts I leave with you about your children...

CARTER enjoyed being with his friends & "brober" at school. He is sensitive & very caring.

He loves to read books & grew to enjoy our "animal sounds" CD (at first he would

hide under the table when the CD would begin, at the end of the year he was in

the class guessing which animal sound was playing).

CHARLIE always came in with a smile. He helped keep order in the class. He was my

"helper" after the boys went to the nap room. He loved to share his lunch with all of his friends (especially his chips).

EMERSON always noticed something new in the room. He loves putting things together (especially the puzzles when we had mat time). He enjoyed helping clean up & loved naming all of the animals.

GRAHAM was quiet & very content playing alone. He loved to laugh & have a good time. He would do some of the cutest things in class & make Ms. Barbara & myself laugh!

MADDOX enjoyed anything involving a ball; baseball, beachball, basketball or soccer ball. He can make a game out of anything. One of my fondest memories of him was one day I was playing catch with him & I made a catch that was a little hard to make & he said, "Good catch, Ms Shewa". He is such an encourager.

PRESLEY was our sweet little angel. She was very quiet & reserved at first but began to warm up. She especially loved Ms. Barbara. Her most famous question, "What are you doing?" She held her own with all the boys this year.

I feel very blessed to have been a small part of your lives for the year. You are wonderful parents. I encourage you to stay the course with your children & be intentional.

Thank you POPS for the great end of the year luncheon, sweet cards & plaque. You have been so thoughtful throughout the year with the luncheons, breakfast, gifts & gift cards.

Again, thank you for a wonderful year. Have a fun & great summer.