The Rule

Has your kid ever ran home from the park because there are dogs there ?Its very scary especially for parents!  Well, then you have picked up the correct selection!!
Did you know , that my family, all of them is afraid of dogs? I bet thousands of people are too! My friend Ruby shivered "I am scared of loose dogs ." That is another person who is scared of dogs! 
Second of all, dogs and humans all need to use the restroom! Well, they can't just  go there in the park! There's kids there! Gross! We already have two dog parks there. What i can't understand is that is why their owners can't take them there?
I think the apartment people need a camera to see who brings in their dogs to the kids park, and if they do to give them a fine of for $20!
Also if a kid really wants to play peacefully, the dogs will never allow them to do that "peacefully" by barking and chasing them.
"I, Ava .M totally agree with this because I have 3 dogs of my own.They can get scary!

some people say that they don't bite.But do they know is it true? Is it ehh?

So to wrap it up, do you agree with me? No seriously do you agree with me that dogs are not allowed in parks?