Best Projects of 2014-2015

By: Nathan Schankin

Word cloud

This was a fun project because we got to take any names or words and put them into any picture we wanted them to be in, so i did all the things i care about and what i like.


This project was pretty cool because we take any picture of something then take similar ones then once you have the amount needed you put them all together into a picture then it creates this amazing image with all your pictures inside

Creating a storybook

This was an amazing project because we got to take any pictures from anything and then use our imagination to create a kids book that would interest people.

Creating A Blog

We got to do this really fun project on creating our own blogs and writing about ourselves. I thought it was pretty fun and you don't have to show any one your blogs if you don't want to so its like having your own diary.


The final project we got to do was by far my favorite because for one, we can take a really horrible picture or a super awesome looking photo and make it look better or turn it into whatever you want it to look like.