Venn Diagrams - How Do You Know?

Prepare for our upcoming quiz over Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams - Organized Problem Solving

We have spent more than two weeks discussing our Venn Diagrams problem solving strategy. You will soon be assessed to, "Show What You Know" about this strategy. Remember, a Venn Diagram is an organized way to compare two or more sets of data that have been collected. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR DATA! Make sure the correct information is included in the correct parts of the Venn Diagram!

Venn Diagram Need To Knows

Here are some things that you MUST remember when dealing with Venn Diagrams:

  • If it's not included, it's left out! - Data that does not belong in a category of the Venn Diagram goes on the outside of the Venn Diagram
  • If it overlaps, it counts for BOTH/ALL categories - That data does not belong to just one category, it represents numbers/data for all the categories it is a part of
  • Read clues carefully - Unless it says, "just" or "only", it's talking about a total or multiple categories (Do not get caught putting the wrong information into play)
  • Answer the correct question - Make sure you know what you are looking for in your Venn Diagram (The last thing you want to have happen is to get a wrong solution because you weren't solving to find the correct answer!)

These are a few of the basics - DON'T FORGET THEM!!!!

Examples of Venn Diagrams

Complete this review as a way to help you study for your Venn Diagrams Quiz:

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