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John Shuster

This Article is about John Shuster he been playing the sport Curling representing the USA.He is the skip of Team USA the Skip: Throws last, holds brush for all other players, tells other players when to sweep, watches the "curl" of the stone - has most difficult shots as all other stones have already been played.
Shuster is Olympic bound again

Shuster makes a great comeback and gets the win.

John Shuster makes a comeback on Tyler George he was losing until the 4th end and made some great stone slides and he was able to get his team the win.
Team USA gained their first win with dominating victory over Denmark with the winning score 9-5. John Shuster overall had a great game as he recorded a 75% but overall as a team they did hit the mark 82% of the time.
Shuster wins curling semi-finals

Shuster dominates Birr and advances to the finals

Olympic Trials Curling, John Shuster and company were just on fire as they take down Todd Birr and his team 10-4 in just eight ends, Shuster moves on to the finals.
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