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Venta Humidifier

Venta Humidifier Reivew

So we finally decided to buy a humidifier. Just couldn’t handle the extremely dry weather here in New England. The winter months along with forced hot air really makes our home extremely dry.

Se we decided to purchase a Venta Humidifier also called the Venta Air Washer for our bedroom. After doing some research and posting the question on a few forum’s it’s was pretty apparent that Venta humidifier was the one I wanted.

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One of my concerns was mold build up in the humidifiers filter. Well this humidifier is filter less which is pretty sweet. They also sell a solution that you add to the water every two weeks or so that keeps the unit running nice and clean and free of mold and more…

This was VERY important to me. The last thing I wanted was mold spores coming out of the humidifier.

Another plus with the Venta is it’s also an Airwasher or purifier as well. Basically helps clean the air.

Venta Humidifiers are made in Germany and have been the number one selling humidifiers in Europe and Germany for 25 years…

So after doing some research to find the best price I was pretty surprised to see all the different ranges in price. This place had the best price by far. Click here to see the price.

Venta Humidifier and Airwasher

So I ordered it online and received it two days later :). The model I choose for my bedroom was the Venta Airwasher LW24. This unit was perfect for my bedroom. But there are several different models based on the size of your room. See all the Models Here

So I took the unit out of the box and was able to set it up in about 5 minutes. I personally hate reading direction but honestly this was as easy as it gets. I had to removed some cardboard, fill it with water add some clean water solution to the water, plug it in and it was ready to go…..So Simple….

The Venta Humidifier comes with a 30 year warranty. There is a warranty card that needs to be filled out. I made sure I filled that out just in-case there are any issue’s.

My wife has really notices a difference now that we have a humidifier.

Her hair isn’t as staticy and no more bloody noses in the morning :). I have noticed the dry skin on my face is just about gone and feel like I am sleeping better as well. Maybe she wont need a sleep aid anymore!

If you looking to but a humidifier i highly recommend the Venta Humidifier. We are extremely happy with our purchase.

Review Venta Airwasher LW45

Venta Humidifiers Options

The Venta Humidifer creates the right amount of humidity for healthy indoor living. Too little humidity may cause dryness and lead to allergy attacks, respiratory ailments and chapped lips. It may also cause your furniture to crack.

Too much humidity in contrast, encourages mold growth and dust mites. There is only one solution to have the proper moisture level and that is through a Venta Humidifier. It has been the leader in the field of humidification systems for many years, and putting your trust in this brand is the best option/

There are four basic types of humidifiers offered by Venta and these are Cool Mist, Warm Mist, Ultrasonic and Vaporizers.

Cool Mist humidifiers: They give off cool invisible mist while absorbing the dry air to the system. Moisture is evaporated in air as sediments and other harmful residues are filtered. This type of humidifier is ideal for large rooms and they work best during summer season.

Warm Mist humidifiers: If cool mist humidifiers disperse cool invisible mist into the air, warm mist humidifiers makes life comfortable by producing warm visible mist into the air. It uses boiling to filter the air that will be released. Using this type of humidifier is ideal during cold winter months.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers: This type uses a much higher level of technology. The transducer installed in the system causes the water to vibrate at ultrasonic speed to break it down to give off the cool visible mist. The greatest thing about the ultrasonic humidifier is its quietness. When using it, you will not even feel that your humidifier is on.

Vaporizers: This type uses the natural boiling process to remove sediments from the water and then releases the filtered warm mist into the air. Vaporizers are comparatively smaller in size and are well-paid.

In choosing the appropriate Venta humidifier, you first need to consider the room size. There are models which are particularly made to cover large rooms while some are ideal for small rooms only.

Second, you need to decide which type you want to have. In choosing the type, opt for the one which will satisfy most of your needs. If you can afford to buy two humidifiers, then that would be great for your home, or large office or recreation space.