Open Enrollment

Taylor Williams

What is it?

Open enrollment is the unrestricted enrollment of students at schools, colleges, or universities of their choice.
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Positives to Open Enrollment

  • Parents can choose the school that best fits their child and specializes in their child's needs
  • Students get a choice among different district schools
  • There is no entrance exam needed for your child to enter the school
  • Every denial and transfer aloud is documented

Negatives to Open Enrollment

  • If popular school is close by your house you may have to transport your children elsewhere
  • It is expensive to run buses everywhere
  • Children can get shut out of their own district
  • Athletics plays a role in attendance to certain schools
  • Scheduling issues, funding issues and special needs issues
  • Can cause survival issues of smaller rural schools

How long has it been going on? Does it still take place?

Open enrollment has been going on for years, it still exists in many different places, some even have open enrollment a state wide thing. Missouri has open enrollment in a few districts but as an over all view of open enrollment it is starting to become more popular.