Washington Elementary

New Families/Kindergarten Information

Week of September 6, 2015

Morning Meeting Day!

  • Typically, every Monday morning we have a school-wide flag salute, sing the school song, and listen to announcements in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR).
  • Rather than lining up outside, come straight to the MPR. Students will sit with their class. Look for your teacher or familiar student faces to find your spot. It gets pretty crowded, but it is a nice time to have everyone start off the week together.

  • If there is a holiday on Monday, then we will meet on Tuesday to start our week.
  • Since there is a 3-day holiday this weekend. Plan to meet on Tuesday morning (9/8) in the MPR for our first Flag salute of the year!

Schedule Reminder

For the Week of 9/7- 9/11:
MONDAY: Labor Day Holiday-- No School


TK : Start at 8:45 AM, dismissal 12:15 PM
Kinders : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 12:00 PM (noon)
Kinders still have assessments this week-- make sure you have completed this.
**Grades 1 - 5 : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 2:00 PM
Tuesdays are the "early dismissal" day for all grades

TK : Start at 8:45 AM, dismissal 12:15 PM
Kinders : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 12:00 PM (noon)
Kinders still have assessments this week-- make sure you have completed this.
Grades 1 -3 : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 2:00 PM
**Grades 4 -5 : Start at 8:30 AM, dismissal 3:00 PM

Faculty/Staff are not present before 8:20 AM. There is minimal supervision in the morning. This is not an active playtime. Please have your child(ren) line up and wait for the start of the school day. The play structures should not be in use at this time.

Events, Events, and More.... events....


Friday, Sep. 11th, 5-8pm

Washington PARK Picnic Area, Burlingame AVE.

Every year, the Dad's Club grills up hotdogs while the families who attend bring a potluck item. It is a great Party at the Park-- the kids have time to play, the parents have time to socialize, and the food keeps everyone happy. There is always plenty to eat and this is great fun for the kids. It is truly a highlight of the start of each school year!

This year, the food assignments are as follows:
  • A-H Salad
  • I-R Main Dish
  • S-Z Dessert
Please bring a dish based on your last name assignment (for example: Breazeale = Salad)
Pack it in a disposable container or be sure to label it well and take it home when you leave. Remember to bring a serving utensil if needed for your item. Label this item or make it disposable as well.

Questions which have come up...

Interested in "Hot Lunch"?
School Lunch Info and Menu can be found online:

For the monthly school hot lunch menu and information about payments and food assistance programs, please check the Washington website.

Kinders start staying late enough to eat lunch next week (9/14). There will be a few parent volunteers available to help get new students familiar with the hot lunch procedures. Please feel free to contact one of these volunteers if you have specific questions-

Debbie Clendenin (debperi@yahoo.com) or Joyce Gratuito (jtsalvador@gmail.com)

First Washington Dad's Club Meeting of 2015-2016

Monday, Sep. 14th, 7pm

The Barrelhouse, 305 California Ave. , Burlingame, CA 94010

Please join Joe, Ian, and Gary for the first meeting of the new school year. The men will gather to welcome new faces, catch up with last year's crew, and begin the planning process for the Fall events. We already have the Back-to-School BBQ/Picnic under our belt. Also need to start planning for the Pasta Feed and many other projects.

Back To School Night

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 6:30pm

801 Howard Ave

Burlingame, CA

This is a parent only event, there will be no supervision on the playground.
  • Please make arrangements for childcare in advance.

There will be a general presentation in the MPR followed by drop-in time in the classrooms. This is the main event designed for you to receive information on curriculum, events and opportunities to support your child.
This year, we will also review the new Homework policy adopted by the school board.

Reminders from Previous Flyers

Kindergarten Assessment sign-ups

  • Assessments will take place in the afternoons during this week.
Kindergarten Assessment sign-ups will be posted by each teacher's classroom door. The assessment schedule begins on Wednesday. It is a one on one assessment time (student & teacher), while parents wait outside the classroom.

  1. The assessments last about 30 minutes.
  2. Most kids enjoy having this personal one-on-one session with their new teacher. This is not scary. It is a chance for the Classroom Teacher to get a little one-on-one time with your child in an effort to better determine areas of strength and areas that need focused effort. This assessment directly informs the instruction in the classroom.
  3. They may be asked to write, to count, to "read", to sort, etc.

Come Join Us... First PTA Meeting is scheduled.

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 7pm

Home of The Krasts Family, 1548 Newlands Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010

PTA Meeting Tues Oct 6 at 7pm

The first PTA meeting will be held next month!

All new and returning families are welcome and encouraged to attend. It is a great way to be a part of the Washington community and to help create a positive experience for our kids. PTA meetings will be the first Tuesday of every month.

Be Part of it All!

Being part of a vibrant and thriving school community means families pitch in and do what they can to help make it all happen for the kids! Please take a few moments to consider ways in which you might be able to contribute your energy and/or expertise. Here is a link to the main volunteer sign ups.

Room Rep Update:

being a room rep is a great help to the teachers and other families in your child's class. Consider signing up for some classroom specific help... Mrs. Coleman and the other families will appreciate your efforts!
Kinder Room Reps:

Other grade level reps are listed on the Volunteer page if you are interested in seeing who the contact is for a specific classroom.

Stay Connected! (MemberHub)

You may have been already receiving information from your teachers, room reps, and the PTA via an interface called MemberHub. The Roar is sent out on Thursdays-- you should have received that one this past week. You'll also receive The Week Ahead on Sundays (look for it in your inbox), which is a calendar listing of what's happening the next week at Washington.

As I mentioned before, MemberHub is a private online communication tool that helps to share important information with the Washington WildCat families.

You've temporarily been added to MemberHub while the school waits for the updated information and preferences you provided during online registration. MemberHub will be updated with this information during the third week of school. You will be given further instructions about how this all works at that time.

Once you have access, you will also be able to use this as an online directory to contact other Washington Families. This year there will also be a Mobile App available.
Keep your eyes open...

Office is Open!

You can access the building through the front door at 801 Howard Ave.

Jolanda Breazeale