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im writing about Morocco. Morocco is in Northern Africa. It is a Islamic state. They also on,y celebrate two holidays. When they celebrate they don't envite

friends only family. And also celebrate humble and quite. They give green tea and mint for hospitality. Morocco is also warm.

What's going on in morocco

Up to date things that are happening in Morocco Paris terror attack suspect has been caught. French man boards airplane with knives and a machete. Hundreds of Moroccans detained at Algiers AirPort. Manchester airport flight evacuated do to bombing threat. Germany plans expulsion centres for rejected asylum seekers. Morocco will launch Africa's biggest solar farm

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Questions and answers

A few questions and answers

Do women in Morocco have to keep themselves all covered up ? Actually yes won man are supposed to cover up their heads with scarfs and keep their bodies well covered. Are. There ways to show disrespect in Morocco? Well yes actually if you show someone the bottom of your shoe people can take that very offensively. Is there things to watch out for? Yes you really have to watch out for the water because it's dirty and sometimes ice comes out.

A few question and answers

What are the language that Moroccans speak? Moroccans speak Arabic and Berber. The population of Morocco is 33.8 million people. The capital of Morocco is Rabat. The most practiced religion is Islam and Judaism.

Some more questions and answers

The most popular sport in Morocco is soccer but they call it football. The official name for Morocco is the kingdom of Morocco. Morocco is covered in mountains. The most popular beverage in Morocco is green tea with a mint leave