Eternal Bonds

Michael Walter

Feathers from a thousand li away

Feathers from a thousand li away is my favorite parable because it shows how your intentions may change but you must remember the thing that is most important to you. People often feel similar to the immigrant woman in this parable who feels that "she forgot why she had come and what she had left behind" (Tan 17). Even though ones priorities might temporarily shift it is important to not lose sight of the thing that is most important.

Lindo and Waverly Jong

I would like to read the Jong family pair because it is closely related to the Woo family. The family that I read is intertwined with the Jongs. Jing-Mei Woo was often compared and living in the shadow of Waverly. I would really enjoy getting to see the other side of Jing-Mei and Waverly's long lasting resentment. I am also interested to see the truth behind the prodigy

Actually Knowing Someone

My favorite quote is when Auntie An-mei hears Jing-mei say that she did not know her mother and responds with "Not know your own mother? How can you say? Your mother is in your bones!" (Tan 40). This quote really meant a lot to me because I feel as though people say they know someone when they don't know much about them. There are many people, even some of my best friends, that I "know" but doubt I could tell people all about them.
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In the “Joy Luck Club”, Amy Tan presents the idea that perseverance is necessary for one to achieve their goals however it can be extremely difficult. The theme of perseverance is very prevalent in Suyuan and Jin-mei Woo. She had a goal to visit her daughters in China, which was something that she wanted to do for a long time, however she died before she could fully pursue her plan. This left her daughter Jing-mei to finish what her mother started. Suyuan and Jing-mei had to push through many things on the journey to find their family. There are many obstacles when trying to find thir long lost family, Jing-mei suffers from anxiety during the plane ride to china, she feels “so nervous [She] cannot feel [her] feet. [She is] just moving somehow” (Tan 287). It would have been extraordinarily easy to just give up and turn back but she chooses to tough it out and she proceeds with her mother’s goal. Perserverance is not the easiest option but is generally the right choice, had either Suyuan or Jing-mei given up, Jing-Mei would have never been reunited with her family.