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Week 4 Updates!

Week 4

September 19-24

This week we are....

Reading Workshop:

Reading Workshop/ Independent Reading/ Workshop Stations

Units of Study: Reading Intensely: How to walk in our Character's shoes.

Envisioning, Predicting, Foreshadowing, Point of View and Inferencing.

Mini Lesson: 10-15 minutes "The Tiger Rising"

Read Aloud: "The Tiger Rising" Chapters 16-27

Shared Reading Response over independent book

Station Set up: Enrichment, Reading Response, Social Studies Weekly, ELA Centers (Point of View)

**Review for UNIT TEST-->fiction, point of view, drawing conclusions, foreshadowing - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

In Class

Important Dates:
The Tiger Rising Test Chapter 1-30, Tuesday September 27

Reading Log (for the six weeks)-Due on Monday, September 26

Coming up next week:

Tiger Rising Booklets Due on September 30
The Tiger Rising Test Chapter 1-30, Tuesday September 27

Stop and Jot Notes Chapter 1-30 from "The Tiger Rising" Turned in September 30

Unit TEST: Fiction- Friday, September 23
**Please be aware this is a district required test to review our unit over Fiction, Point of View, Inferencing, Prediction. We will discuss record our data in our data section in binders to help us with our goal setting

Social Studies:

U.S Geography

Analyze and Collect Geographic Data
Concepts of Regions- Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Mississippi River, Coastal Plains.

How to Read a Map

In Class

We will begin our SS Weekly Magazines Week 3 starting Monday- Friday.

Weekly Magazine Quiz/ Crossword Puzzle Due Friday

**You can review our vocabulary & concepts online at Quizlet- click here!

Writing Workshop:

Begin step by step Writing Process: Pre-write, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish

Color it up activity!

Narrative Vs. Expository Granny Page

Quick Writes Monday- Thursday & Celebration Publishing on Friday!

In Class

Important Dates:

Unit TEST: Writing- Friday, September 23
**Please be aware this is a district required test to review capitalization, punctuation, revising and editing


Unit 2 Greek Roots -Test every Friday!

We have implemented a new approach to a test with our spelling "Word Their Way" by having the students write a story or letter using 15 of their spelling words. We finished by having 5-7 students share their amazing work! Great job!

I have had several parents ask what is "Words Their Way" and why is it important? Check out this link to read more about the authentic way to practice spelling.

Check it out here!


30 minutes Daily Reading (in class or at home) with track of Reading Log

Spelling Menu (Monday-Thursday/ 4 choices)

Spelling Words-Week 4
(Students may choose 15 words to complete)

1. paragraph

2. autograph

3. biography

4. seismography

5. phonograph

6. photocopier

7. photographer

8. telephoto

9. telegraph

10. telescope

11. television

12. telepathy

13. topography

14. calligraphy

15. videographer

16. telegram

17. epigraph

18. cartographer

19. demographic

20. holographic

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Grandparent's Day Fun!

We loved having so many of our special guests visit us on Friday! Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed the yummy cookies!