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Friday, February 12, 2016

What's Going On!

We have learned how to handle being knocked down as well as problem solving strategies. We have discussed that sometimes when our peers knock us down, it is an accident and we should always check in with each other to see how we can make each other feel better. If we feel that it is a teacher-sized problem we make sure to find an adult to talk it over with. We have also come up with different classroom scenarios when we can problem solve such as when we need a supply during an activity, we should check the designated location. We have also learned different strategies for problem solving; first we think about what our problem is, we come up with a solution, we think about how our solution will affect others, and then we try the solution!

I Love Reading Yes I do!

In lit block we have been working on really applying our reading super powers as we read and have been challenging ourselves to try a NEW reading super power. Some of these strategies include sounding out words and making sure it sounds right and makes sense. We have also been practicing to point under each word and making sure we say the correct number of words that are on each page.

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Rock and Roll Readers!

In readers workshop we have become reading teachers in which we teach our reading partners how to become better readers. We have been learning how to become fluent readers by identifying if our reading is too fast or too slow. To show this, we used yellow and green circles. To tie this into our IB unit on transportation, these circles symbolizes the traffic lights in which yellow means the reader needs to slow down and green means the reader needs to go faster.

Number Stories!

Our Mathematicians have become more familiar with number stories. They have been learning how to show their work to solve math stories as well as how to write a number sentence. They have learned the symbol for taking something away is called a subtraction or minus sign (-) and, when we are adding on or putting groups together it is called an addition or plus sign (+). One tricky method that they are adapting to is using an arrow (->) versus an equal sign (=) to show the result of an answer.

Wonderful Writers!

Your Wonderful Writers have been growing in their writing skills. They are applying the different strategies we learned such as making sure to include finger spaces, using capital letters only at the beginning of a sentence (and specific words/names), as well as making sure their story has a beginning middle and an end. They have been taking on many risks by adding dialogue, to have the characters in their story speak to each other. Other risks they have been taking is adding our sight words that we have learned.

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Morning Read Aloud

Come join us for a morning read aloud. We absolutely love stories!

¡ Po po pon chiqui pon en Español!

¡KA keeps moving de norte (north) a sur (south) y de este (east) a oeste (west), but now following the transit rules. Po po pon! We are exploring some traffic signs and how to move around them. Chi qui pon pon! We have created machines, moving hacia arriba y hacia with funny sounds. We also continue exploring derecha and izquierda, but now with a merengue latin touch. Please check out our video of Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste and photos!

Thanks for all the support in our Spanish process. Please continue practicing at home by singing and/or speaking in Spanish!


Ms. Rosado


¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

¡Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste!

How máquinas (machines) works in Spanish!?

Ms. Rosado teach some merengue moves!

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Printing, Primary Colors, Patterns — Positively Perfect!!

KA Artists have been working hard in the Studio Lab to create vehicles. Our Kinders all agree that when creating a something to get across town — whether car, train, bus, or bicycle — wheels are “primary!

Using primary colors and plastic bottle caps, K Artists printed patterns! So very messy — but super fun! Gorgeous papers were then cut up and pinned to styrofoam to make vehicles. We’re currently figuring out how wheels and axels work. After vacation, we'll race them all. Stay tuned for the fun!!

Happy Vacation! Take some time to draw, paint, and maybe visit a museum! Your student will love it!

Important Dates and Reminders

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