McKinney Boyd Band Newsletter

January 11th- January 15th

Weekly Announcements

Newsletter Synopsis (As of 1/8)

1. Sectionals begin this week, see below for exact times per band.

2. Order your solo originals and secure your accompanist for our MBHS solo contest ASAP. (More info below)

2. Keep an eye on the google calendar! This year has been difficult to plan and we have made adjustments accordingly. We understand the frustrating nature of changes and insist that this is not the "norm" but is the best that we can do for now with constant changes being thrown at us. We will keep you updated with what is coming up the next few weeks in the newsletter and by the end of January our goal is to have a complete google calendar until 12/2021 for your reference.

3.View, Order & Share your band photos, Link and more info below for Smugmug!!

4. Seniors, If you would like to be a MISD Scholar artist of the week, read the "blurb" below and send me your application with a hi-res photo! (More info below)

5. Need to make a payment on your account, but are not sure how? Please see this document for step by step instructions.

Sectionals begin this week!

Sectionals are required and attendance/participation will count as a grade.

Virtual students can and should attend live in-person after school sectionals if they plan on participating in UIL/concerts.

**Students who cannot participate will need to make up the missed grades with an alternate assignment determined by their primary band director.

Honors Band:

Tuesday: Lw. Brass 3:00-4:30, Horns 4:45-6:15

Wednesday: Saxophones 3:00-4:30, Trumpets 4:45-6:15

Thursday: Flutes 3:00-4:30, Clarinets 3:00-4:30

Symphonic 1:

Monday: Saxophone 3:00-4:30, Horns 4:45-6:16

Tuesday: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon 3:00-4:30, Trumpet 4:45-6:15

Wednesday:Clarinet, Bs. Clarinet 3:00-4:30

Thursday: Lw. Brass 3:00-4:30

Symphonic 2:

Monday: Clarinet 3:00-4:00, Oboe 4:00-5:00

Tuesday:Trumpet 3:00-4:00, Horn 4:00-5:00

Wednesday: Flute 3:00-4:00, Saxophone 4:00-5:00

Thursday:Trombone 3:00-4:00, Euph./Tuba 4:00-5:00

Concert Band: Does not have after school sectionals.

MBHS Solo contest

Our contest will be a "home" contest here at MBHS during the normal school day. We will be recording the students/accompanists in class and solo's will be adjudicated virtually.

We are still asking our students to purchase originals to their solos and secure an accompanist.

Here is a link to our accompanist list: ACCOMPANIST (CLICK)

Two great sites to order originals: or

***Student's can play on copies but originals are proof of purchase and protect copywrite laws. Order early because it may take a few weeks to come in.

*** Students that earn a 1st division on a Class 1 or Class 2 solo will qualify for a Letterman jacket

Spring Trip: Update

Latest update (12/6):

MISD has cancelled any ability to host outside over night trips for the remainder of the school year. (UIL Concert & SR, Winterguard, day trips do not fall under this umbrella).


Previous Updates/Info:

Families have been steadily recieving refunds from the insurance company and we are finding that it is taking a bit more "active" insistence to get that response.

I have added the following tips in the Claim folder link below from a parent that has found success in getting their refund. (CLICK HERE for the Shortcut)


We are going to send out our latest refund this week (9/28-10/2)

***Those families that purchased insurance will have to go back to their claim and adjust the amount that has been refunded!

All families who have purchased insurance can now begin filing their claims.

Our dates are 4/24-4/27.

***Even though we are making progress, there are still forms that we do not have access to and are working to get more information. Please feel free to call/work with the insurance company for clarifications. I will update forms in the hub as I get them.

We have 15 months from point of cancellation to complete our claims.

Information that I currently have access to for claim purposes:

Official Cancellation date: 3/24/20 (NEW CANCELLATION LETTER NOW ADDED TO DRIVE)

Original Deposit date: 6/10/2019

Google Drive Claim Document Hub for Parents

(Will continue to be updated as information is made available to me):

Corpus Trip Cancellation Claim Documents

I hope that it is clear we are being as transparent in this process as we can and are all working to find solutions for everyone.

***Understand that this is a point of high stress for every director/travel agency in the country at this point. I do not have all the answers but you can rest assured that taking care of our families is the highest point of focus right now and doing right by you is my highest priority. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to protect you and find solutions. If you reach out to me with trip questions, I will respond as quickly as I can within 24-48hrs. I appreciate all your grace and patience.

View/order Photos from smugmug, New photos being added every week!

View, Share & order band photos from smugmug with this link:

Password: broncoband

Seniors only! Scholar Artist's of the Week up for grabs!


1. Edit this file in the original Microsoft word format.

2. Turn it in with a High Resolution .jpg photo of yourself to Mr. Treadwell

Encourage you to brag about yourself a bit on the application. Probably good to keep it during your HS years and fairly Fine Arts related. Although if you are next in line to overthrow Joey Chestnut in the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Competition, that may be something exciting to hear about. ;)

Volunteer work, Church Mission trips, after school jobs, plans after high school are always encouraged to include.

Remind 101 UPDATE/ARCHIVE: Resign up for new group ASAP

Remind is the quickest and easiest way for us to send information out. ***We require all students to join and strongly encourage parents to do also in order to stay informed.

Text the following code to the #81010 :

9th grade student: @boydband9

10th grade student: @boydband10

11th grade student: @boydband11

12th grade student: @boydband12

9th grade parent: @mbbandfm9

10th grade parent: @mbbandfm10

11th grade parent: @mbbandfm11

12th grade parent: @mbbandfm12

Incoming parent/student (current 8th grader): @mbhs8to9

Calendar for the Week

Monday (1/11)- After school sectionals (refer to above)

Tuesday (1/12)- After school sectionals (refer to above)

Wednesday (1/13)- After school sectionals (refer to above)

Thursday (1/14) - After school sectionals (refer to above)

Friday (1/15)- After school sectionals (refer to above)

Looking Ahead

1/9-1/13: Area Recording/Submission Window

1/18: Teacher Work Day (NO SCHOOL)

2/5: Spring Pep Rally:CANCELLED & MOVED TO 3/3

2/16-2/17: Teacher Work Day (NO SCHOOL)

2/18: MBHS Ensemble Recital

2/20: Student Leadership Camp

2/26: MBHS Percussion Concert

3/3: Spring Pep Rally**Change

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