I.S. Research

How Animals Help Our Society

Dogs Who Visit Hospitals

There was an investigation going on about how dogs impact children who are sick. They tested the child's anxiety, and how he or she coped with having the sickness. The results were surprisingly positive, the children seemed to be much more calm while having a dog to help them go through their sickness. For example, usually he or she would start to get nervous and their heart beat would rise, but the dogs seemed to make them much more calm, this makes it easier for doctors to give them the treatments that the child needs. The amount of times dogs go to hospitals depends on the owner of the dog, the owner can take their dog anywhere from every day of the week to once a month.

Requirements for them to visit?

  1. They need to have a high level of patience and temperament
  2. Be open to other animals
  3. Needs to be comfortable with strangers

Animals Helping in the Beginning

Animals started helping all the way back to the middle ages when they started to use animals to help hunt. Then they started to use blood hounds to find where outlaws were. This led to many other people using animals for similar purposes. In the 1920s there was a woman named Dorothy Eustis who started training german shepherds for the blind and the people in her community scoffed at the idea of it.

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Bloodhounds were used to track down jack the ripper in the 1800s.

Animals In the Police Department

Dogs are not the only type of animal that help the police, there are horses who help too. Horses help the police get around from place to place, they allow the police to see cars or people better because of their height advantage. The dogs help by their sense of smell, strength and natural instincts that the police don’t have. They can sniff out missing people, drugs, or a criminal. They also help by biting the criminal when found instead of shooting him or her.