Disasters Earthquakes

The Fire City

The Fire City

April 18 1906 a huge earthquake hit San Francisco. It cost over a billion dollars in damages. That's when it got the name (the fire city). Why, because gas lines busted and the city burned down. Very few houses were left standing. Over 3000 people died. It was one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. History. It affected over 375,000 square miles of Pacific Ocean. Some of the fires were 2,700 degrees fahrenheit.

Great Alaska

The great Alaskan earthquake hit March 27 1964 on good Friday. A nine point two earthquake covered 1,300,000 km of land. It caused over 311 million dollars in damage which is equivalent to 2.3 billion dollars. It led to a big tsunami. The biggest wave was 219 feet tall. 119 died in the tsunami. Twelve died in the earthquake.

What Is A Earthquake

A earthquake is the grinding between two tectonic plates. It totally destroys land and other things. The earth suddenly shakes. The after shock is when a small area starts to shake after the big earthquake.

What Does A Earthquake Cause

A earthquake can cause a tsunami. A tsunami is a big wave that crashes on to land. It also causes great destruction and homes caving in. Railroads bending is also a issue.