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Why I am I running?

I am running for the people of Texas for there words to get out to the rest of America! I am running to help Texas citizens get their rights and to improve their lives, and also helping out all American citizens


Perecent of living in the same house for a year or more= 82.6%

Per-capita money income in last 12 months $25,809

Median Household Income 2008-2012=51,563

Persons 65 years and over, percent 2012=10.9%


Jordan Foreman was born in Texas. He is a republican! He comes from a supportive and fantastic family! So vote for him for your next United States Senator! He will do good representing you!

Issues I am running on to address!

I want to address these issues and make American citizens and Texas citizens to feel like there the ones in charge not the government.


I believe that we should clear the way of the borders before we start the legalizing of immigrants. We do need to reform immigration but not the way that the Obama Administration supports.

Health Care

We need to ensure that all individuals have access to health issuance including citizens with pre-existing conditions. We should have low cost specific plans that fit specific needs for healthcare for individuals in Texas and also America!

The Economy and Jobs

I believe that we should reduce the high level of taxation on Texas citizens and business that limits job creation. By doing this, Texas citizens can keep more money earned which will keep the economy growing.

To help create jobs, we need new tax polices that increase and encourage investment in companies while making them more competitive. We need improvements in Job training.

Homeland Security

We need to continue to fund our military to keep our borers and our country safe from an type of Terrorist threat.

Energy and Natural Resources

We need to to not be so dependent on other countries for oil. We need to encourage conservation and to develop alternative energy. We need a a strong developed energy plan.