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October 7, 2019

Keeping you Informed

5forALL Focus

5forALL has not gone away and it is still a district initiative that we will focus on throughout the year. I will highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL each week.

5forALL Infographic

This week I would like us to focus on Eliciting a Range of Contributions. Very often we only will call on students with their hands up but should be reaching out to all students. This can be in form of equity sticks, random calling, or cards with student's names to call randomly. You can reduce the anxiety by having students discuss and as you monitor the room let students know that you will be calling on them to answer the question. It completes two things; group interaction and gives students think time before responding.

Admin Change- Just a follow-up reminder that David will be taking over at Parkview (PYLUSD Home School Program) School as Principal for the next 4-5 weeks. During that time Jackie Jenkins will be the interim Assistant Principal. It will be a great opportunity for both David and Jackie to expand their leadership roles. I was able to get my start in admin when the AP at EHS high school was out on maternity leave and I was able to fill in and gain the experience needed to help get my first AP job. If you have a desire to go into admin (I know the dark side :) ) please come and talk with me as there are opportunities within our district.

Essential Questions- Last week I asked our department leads to read an article about Essential Question and I have attached the same article below. Please take the time at your lesure to read the article (it is short I promise). It is also been posted on The Den

Staff Meeting (Please Read)- For our next staff meeting I would like to take time to examine Rigor in our activities that we do in our classes. For the 10/16 Staff Meeting, I would like you to bring an example of a Costa's Level of Thinking 1, 2 and 3 activity that you do in your class (all three levels). We will take time to break into groups of various subject areas to discuss the various lessons that you do and look at the rigor of the activity and why it is important (the use of all three levels is necessary). This gives us time to discuss activities with others that we don't normally get time to work with and hopefully learn from each other. I just want to give everyone time to collect the activities. Attached is Costa's Level's of Thinking.

The Den- A one-stop-shop for YLMS resources for staff.

Wednesday PLC- Horizontal (B3 Focus)


October 12- Placentia Parade

October 15- Women in Industry (see attached flyer)

October 17- 6th-grade dance

October 18- Family Picnic

October 18- 7/8th-grade dance

October 26- Saturday Academy

October 28- Red Ribbon Week

October 31- Halloween

November 1- 6th Grade Orientation

November 1- Minimum Day release at 1:10 pm

Have a Great Week!

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