Sunrise Over Fallujah

Book by:Micheal Dean. Myers

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What is the main conflict in your book?

The main conflict in my book is the Afghanistan war. The main character enlisted in the army to fight in the war after the events of 9/11.
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What would it feel like to be fighting for your country --- and your life --- right after graduating from high school? Get a close-up view of the beginning of the current Iraq War in SUNRISE OVER FALLUJAH. Against his father’s wishes, Robin Perry chooses the military over going to college in 2003. He finds himself near the border of Iraq, struggling to understand who he is and what he is doing there.

Which character in your book can you relate to?

Robin Perry because I understand the feeling of missing home for a very long time.

If you ask the author 5 questions, what would it be?

  1. Who is Robin based on?
  2. Why did you chose Fallujah as the location of the book?
  3. What inspired you to write this book?
  4. What are your thoughts about war?
  5. Where were you on 9/11?

What quotes was powerful and significant from the book?

"But now I was willing to kill because I was afraid of being killed, willing to kill people I have never met, had never argued with, and who perhaps, never wanted to hurt me. But I was afraid and so I would kill."-Robin Perry 2003

"It all looked so much better in the training films, when the figures were just silhouettes flickering across a screen. When it was all just a video game." -Robin Perry 2003

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The theme of the book Sunrise Over Fallujah is the bravery and courage it takes to be a soldier in a war zone. This is supported in the beginning of the book where Robin thanks he is not brave enough to go to war after seeing his friends being better soldiers than him. After getting bullets and bombs thrown at him, he realizes he need to brave to get out of war alive. He finds this out when he saves his captain's life.

Would you recommend this to someone?

Yes, if they really enjoy war books. The book makes think twice what war is about. You'll also get a taste of being a soldier in the Afghanistan war.