Student Access Center

Fulton County School Instructions For Set-Up & Use:


Student Instructions for Using Student Access Center(SAC)

Please use the following steps when accessing Student Access Center(SAC). The student’s ActiveDirectory username and password will be used to authenticate access to Student Access Center(SAC).

** You will also need to reference any documentation provided by IT Infrastructure pertaining to student username and password.

Part 1: Enrolling in the Password Reset Utility.

Note: This is a one-time task and all subsequent access will begin with Part 2 below!

• Be sure that each student enrolls in the Password Reset Utility. Students will have the ability to manage their on password.

1. If students are allowed to change their passwords via Ctrl/Alt/Del, then make sure each student changes his/her password and then go step 2 below (enrolling).

2. Enroll in Password Reset Utility (Step by Step instructions are available) and reset your network password for your Student ID Login credentials as needed.

3. Access the Utility on the home page of the FCS website @

• Accessible by clicking on the following link: Password Reset

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• Navigate to the bottom of the FCS home page and click on “Password Reset”

View the Self Service Password Reset How-to Video or the Password Reset Guide

• The video and the guide gives a brief overview of the input settings.

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4. Click the Self Service Password Reset Tool to setup an account or to manage an account.

• First-time users must enroll into the system. Enrollment is a one-time process and takes only a few minutes.

All Students use the following information for enrolling in theUtility.

  • Account Name: xxxxxxxxxx (Represents Student ID)
  • Password: ●●●●●●●●●● (Represents current password)
  • Domain: FCBOESTU (Choose from the drop-down list)

5. Enter your secret questions and answers and complete the enrollment by changing your password. Minimum password length is 8 characters.

Part 2: Access Student Access Center (SAC)

1. Accessing the Student Access Center (SAC).

  • Select Home Access from the navigation menu option Student and Parents on theFCS home page.
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2. Click on the Home Access Center icon.
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3. When prompted login to HAC/SAC using the following format:

  • Login: xxxxxxxxxx (Represents Student ID)
  • Password: ●●●●●●●●●● (Represents current password)

Part 3: Troubleshooting Access to Student Access Center (SAC)

Q: Student have an Active Directory account and cannot get into Student AccessCenter.

  1. In eSchool, review the Student’s Summary page.
  2. Use the search feature by entering the student’s id number and click search.
  • From the search results click the student’s name. You will redirected to the Student Summary page
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  • On the Student Summary page, under Contact Information, click on the student’s name
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  • On the Student Tab, make sure that Web Access is checked.
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