technology at lv


  • we learned how to turn a normal thing like a walk in the into a movie.
  • how to be creative on making a movie.
  • it made us think of a story line in the movie.

typing web

  • in this website you learned how to type faster.
  • we learned how to type properly.
  • we also learned how to type better

haiku deck

  • it helped us make presentations
  • it was mostly pictures and it was fun picking them
  • it was a great place to make a Gallery

explain everything

  • it helped us make presentation
  • i made making presentations easier
  • it could let you do a voice over and other apps cant do that

career locker

  • on this website it made us think on our career in the future
  • it help us think of what we what to be in the future
  • i made us think if we wanted a masters degree


  • we learned how to code games,characters and more
  • i tough us thing wail having fun
  • i showed us coding is fun