Freedom Amusement Park

Sports Complex

Laser Tag

At the Freedom Amusement Park, you can sign up to play Laser Tag! You can either pick to be on the North or South. The best part is that the scene will be a river so it really looks like you went back in time to the Civil War.
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Game Booth

Grammar Game

1- Game costs $1.00

2-The players push a blue button to start, on the screen will appear a sentence with the wrong grammar, such as Me and Ammy.

3- The players gets 30 seconds to figure out what is wrong with the sentence, then they will push the buzzer and say their answer.

4- If the player gets it correct they will get however many points it took them to answer the question in seconds.

5- To win the game you will want the lowest score. If you're the winner you will get your choice of a stuffed animal.

Math Division

1- Game costs $1.75

2- When you know the answer you have to push down the buzzer.

3- The people play will have 10 seconds to answer.

4- If you get it correct you get a point.

5- In 10 questions the team with the most wins

6- The winning teams wins a stuffed animal

Break The Mixture

1-Game costs $2.00

2-The Object is to try to get rid of 3 mixtures in 10 minutes.

3-You can only use a strainer, distill, water and physically remove.

4-The objects that you must get removed is sand, rocks, and sugar.

5-If you complete the game in 10 minutes you win a big panda bear.

Name The State

1- Game costs $1.50

2- The object is to try to get the most points at the end of a 4 minute round.

3-A board at the front of the room and a state will light up on the board and you will try to name the state as fast as you can.

4- You will smack the buzzer and if you guess the state right you will get points.

5- You want the most points at the end of the round. If you win you can pick any prize you want.