Recycle and Reduce

By: Ali Vang


-November 15 is a national day which is for Recycling day.

-You can recycle in your kitchen by keeping or reusing your old equipment such as glass bottles, aluminum and steel cans, plastic grocery bags, cereal or other boxes, bread ends, and aluminum foil.

-Glass bottles are the highest use of recycling. Mostly they would be made into jars when recycle.

-Plastic grocery bags is also a high percentage of recycling because it is always handy when your need to bag something such as food, containers, and kitchen trash.

- Many thing in the kitchen can be recycle, it is just depends on how you recycle the products.


-Avoid using plastic around food. Why? It is because if you use too much plastic you may instead of gaining but losing because if you always buy plastic bag or plates for your food, you are over using your money per year just for those plastic products you needed for your kitchen so instead start reducing your plastic and start using real utensil or products.

-Reduce on using paper towel. Start buying towels for extra uses, bring one to the kitchen and tie or hang it somewhere for people to use after washing their hands or cooking in the kitchen. It helps reduce on using too much paper towel each day.

-Reuse leftover veggies or meat. This reduces of how much food you buy to make a meal. If you reuse leftover instead of trashing it it could save you a lot of moneys and time.

-Keep you fridge organized in clean. It reduces the percentage of food going bad or make you sick. If you over load your fridge, the air might not be able to provide that much energy.