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APS Family Connection 12/8/2021

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Graphic Novel Grant Received!

Thank you for helping to fund Ms. Baily's Donors Choose Grant for Graphic Novels! Our students will be thrilled to have more of their favorite titles in the Learning Commons. Want to give and didn't get a chance? Email Ms. Baily and she can give you some titles kids would love more of in our Learning Commons.
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PTC Tomorrow

Join us at 5 PM for pizza and winter activities on the blacktop and in the gym. At 5:30, we will hear from Lower Elementary students in Ms. Kat's classroom. They will present their research projects in a gallery style walk. Afterward, we will send the children to play and the adults will stay in the gym to have a conversation with some board members about the upcoming decision.

Please dress your child for the weather so outside play is an option. Everyone should wear a mask. If you forget yours, we will have some on site.

We look forward to seeing you and your family and enjoying the evening together!

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Mask Sale

Paula Weaver, our Preschool Teaching and Learning Coordinator will be selling homemade fabric masks Dec 2-3 and Dec. 7-9 in the front of the school. Several sizes available will fit preschoolers, kids and adults. A portion of proceeds will go to PTC.

One Book One School: Love is Love~Family Diversity

Miss Liz reads Families Can


Take time this month to talk with your child about the diversity of families in our school. Children are observant and are very curious when they see things that are different in their lives. Practice how to ask curious questions in a kind way. The culture of APS is that everyone belongs here and as guides to our students we will support them in kind communications with their peers and appreciate you partnering with us for that purpose. Our focus is always on awareness and respect communicated in an age appropriate way.

We LOVE having your family as part of APS and appreciate the gifts you bring to our community!

Cougar Learning Packets

Packets for INCLEMENT WEATHER Days will be coming home soon. Please keep those in a special place until they are needed.
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Thank you for the chocolates, doughnut holes, and encouraging signs. Our staff appreciate your well wishes and gratitude.
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Looking for items to donate to our classes?

We would love some of the following for our students to use:

  • water bottles
  • individual snacks, fruit, veggies
  • letter sized laminating sheets
  • baby wipes
  • two shower curtains
  • gently used pants, sizes 3T to 8
  • gently used or new jackets, gloves, socks sizes 3T to 14
  • electric pencil sharpeners

Wow! Thank you for the donations that have been coming in! We appreciate you all so much!

You can drop donations at the front office or in car line.

Thanks for all you do to support our school.

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FREE Anti-bias Anti-racism Parenting Workshop

Register for an ABAR Parenting Workshop that works on your schedule. You have until next May to fit this in to your family's schedule. FREE to every family. If your family would like to make a contribution to help, contact an administrator.

Health & Safety

Covid Protocols continue to change as our community needs change. Please refer to the tool kits below to find the latest information and explanations of safety protocols. Our district uses these tool kits to help develop safety protocols for our schools. (Please remember that all the board meeting videos are available on our district website.)

Covid cases are rising in our community currently. Please do your best to follow all safety protocols and keep your family safe. Our school numbers have not risen lately and we are certain it is because our staff are being diligent with protocols and our families are extra cautious when it comes to symptoms. Thank you for your efforts!

Students should stay home, even with a negative test result, if they have vomiting or diarrhea or a fever. They may return with a negative test result and 24 hours after no longer vomiting, diarrhea or fever without the aid of medication.

**Preschool guidelines are now the same as school aged.

Help us keep it safe by:

  • washing or sanitizing your child's backpack periodically
  • keeping coats and sweaters clean
  • washing or wiping down any items your child brings to school (i.e. water bottles)

Thank you for your help with keeping it safe at our school.


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~Belonging and Equity are Connected~

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Thank you for asking for specific needs around volunteering. I spoke with Dr. Dechant about adding additional sessions since you said the ones listed were full. She is going to add additional classes and will send out a new list soon.

We have started having guest speakers come on campus and are excited to look at adding more volunteers soon, as long as the Covid numbers stay low.

Thank you for understanding that the health and safety of our students and staff are priority for us this year.

We need GREAT people!

Asheville City Schools has several instructional assistant vacancies at the elementary level for the 2021-2022 school year. Visit for details.

These positions are full time positions with benefits (i.e. state retirement, sick days, paid time off, health insurance, and access to supplemental insurance). Part time positions have a greater per hour rate of pay. The best part is you have the opportunity to have a positive impact on children every day.

Our list is shrinking, but we are still in need of the following positions:

  • academic support assistants
  • instructional assistants
  • substitutes
  • Title One part time teacher

Many schools across our district are struggling with finding new staff to fill positions and we are no exception. Until those positions are filled, please allow grace to our staff as we all fill in to make sure that everything is taken care of for our students. Thank you!

Ingles Tools for Schools

Be sure to link your card to our school so that we can reap the benefits. Our school code is 10753. Thanks!


Please remind your child to SHINE every day by:

  • Keeping it SAFE at Asheville Primary
  • HELPING our class community
  • Showing INTEGRITY
  • Keeping our environment NEAT & CLEAN
  • ENCOURAGING our classmates and staff

Asheville Primary Reference Documents & Links

Save the Dates

School Closed December 20-January 2

Please mark your calendars for Winter Break. Our school will be closed during this time.
ACS Board Meeting Monday, December 13th

Click the link above at 5 PM to view.


Please remember that Ms. Lenore is no longer at APS. If you need anything, call the front office at 350-2900. If you have absence notes or contact information changes, please email them to or
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Being a Positive Voice

Thank you for advocating for our school this week. We appreciate those of you who were vulnerable enough to share from your family's experiences. It is wonderful to think of all of the growth achieved by our students over the years and to reflect on the resilience of our school. In spite of many roadblocks, we have thrived and succeeded as a school community.

Please know that at APS, we strive to teach our students that finding a viable solution doesn't have to include "othering" anyone or being disrepectful. We believe "CLEAR is KIND". Working together in peace is always our goal and we should model this daily for our young learners.

We believe there is a space for everyone to be involved as they are ready to share their gifts with the community. We also know that some of you have other things going on in your lives or wish to shield your young child from the possibilities ahead. Please know that all of those options are fine and we send love to you and your family no matter where you are in your journey.

If you are making plans to speak on Monday at public comment, please keep the following in mind:

  • These meetings are structurally designed for adults. If you are planning on bringing your child, please have a quiet activity to work on while they wait (and maybe a snack). Please spend time preparing them for what the space will be like. It is not our school or your house. It helps to talk to them about what everyone will be doing and how they are expected to behave. We know that they represent our school and want them to give their best.
  • Change is hard for most of us and adult conversations can be heard by students and not fully understood. This can cause uncertainty, anxiety, and other big emotions. Please hold a space for your child to discuss what they have heard and how they feel about it. If there are misconceptions, kindly give them the correct information. Remember to be respectful when speaking about others and use developmentally appropriate language that your child will understand. As Maria Montessori said, "follow the child". We want our students to be able to focus on their school work and be a kid.
  • It's difficult to get your words on paper when emotions are high. Consider sticking with what you know for certain...which in most cases is your personal experience with Montessori or APS. Have someone read over your words prior to sharing them and ask for constructive feedback. Do your words align with the ideals we teach our children? Could your words be taken in a way not intended? How could you shine for APS with what you say?
  • If your child wants to talk, they are welcome to do so as a stakeholder. It is important to let students practice before they speak. If your child would like to say something, talking about what they love about the school or how they have grown will be topics with which they are the expert.
  • If you or your child wish to speak and would like to put it in writing, please consider writing a letter or email. Authentic writing assignments that positively affect change are empowering for kids. Take advantage of this!
  • We always love signs of "We love our staff" or "We love APS". Use your artistic talent to send some love to staff and families. Drop them off at the front entrance.
  • Want to help your child develop compassion or empathy, consider having them write a sign of gratitude or a note of thanks to someone who has made a difference for them.

We have daily community meetings in our classes where we discuss the needs of our community. After next week's meeting, we will gear discussions toward helping students process the result in an age appropriate way. Please reach out if there is anything that we can do to help your child or your family deal with big emotions this week.

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Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Month

Shirts Sales ReOPEN

Click the link to get your APS spirit wear!

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