**Regarding Donuts with the Teacher on March 10th

Help Us Fix This Goof-Up

In the hectic few days after Ice Cream Social and before Ney's Book Fair, Mrs. Roland managed to make a BIG goof-up! The Donuts Teacher Feature Sign-Up sheet from the night of Ice Cream Social has been misplaced! Please help Mrs. Roland "fix" this issue.

On Ice Cream Social night several parents of Kinder, First, and Second graders signed up for the "Donuts with the Teacher" teacher feature. Some of these parents paid that night and some did not pay and planned on paying later. Please let us know if you were one of these two groups:

____________ I signed up for Donuts during Ice Cream Social, but did NOT pay (please send money with this flyer...$10.00.

____________ I signed up for Donuts during Ice Cream Social and I DID pay that night.

Thank you for your help in taking care of this. Mrs. Roland would like to extend her sincere apologies for creating this mess. We appreciate the patience and kindness of our Ney parents in understanding.