Team Newsletter

January 2014

Our Team Members

Kim Akers joined February 2012 *FL

Erica Johnson joined May 2012 *NC

Amber Minton join November 2013 *NC

Martha Owens joined December 2013 *NC

Amoree Willard joined July 2011 *NC

Lisa Palacios joined July 2011 *TX

Nichelle Davis joined September 2011 *TX

Heather Tyson joined April 2012 *TX

Tani Zapata joined April 2013 *TX

Nikkol Camarillo joined October 2012 *TX

Amy Richardson joined February 2013 *TX

Jade Burns joined February 2013 *TX

Susan Serow joined March 2013 *TX

Veronica Pena-Laijas joined April 2013 *TX

Lorene Pickering joined June 2013 *TX

Maria Tullar joined December 2013 *TX

Amie Trainor joined January 2014 *TX

Jamie Harrold joined Auguest 2011 *NC

Chelsey Macleod joined September 2013 *VA

Karina Macleod joined December 2013 *NC

Patricia Rutt joined December 2013 *NC

We have 21 wonderful team members from 4 different states!! Woohoo!

January Sales

Nichelle Davis- $1,409.50....AMAZING!

Jade Burns- $679.00.....AWESOME JOB!

Tani Zapata- $518.00....GREAT JOB!

Lisa Palacios- $387.00....WONDERFUL!

Nikkol Camarillo- $332.00...NICE JOB!

Amy Richardson- $310.50....FANTASTIC!

Heather Tyson- $65.00....SUPER!

Congrats ladies on submitting for January! Super proud of you all!

Team Sales- $4,133.50

Director Stats- $432.50

31 ZOUTS in 28 DAYS!

How is your February ZOUT Challenge coming? All you gotta do is sell 31 ZOUTS! SOOOO EASY TO DO! So far I have sold 6 : )

Are you up for the still have time!

Big image

What are your 2014 GOALS?

Have you really thought about that question. If not I encourage you to sit down write out your thoughts and goals for your 31 business for 2014. Then I want you to tape it somewhere so you can see them everyday!

Your goal might be:

to promote*

take a nice family vacation*

pay off your car/house payment*

Now that you have a goal(s) how are you going to achieve that goal(s)

Im going to give y'all some tough love...sitting at home doing nothing at all will not achieve your goal(s) you are going to have to get up and step out of your comfort zone!

Oh Im tired of contacting the same one will book a party...too many people sell it. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!


Facebook parties

Vendor shows

Theme parties

Mommy and Me parties

Make a NEW List of 62s

Get on TOT ( listen to some 31 minute calls. I have listened to some and have learned a lot from them! Take notes and then GO AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN AND COME TRUE!

You can DO IT because I BELIEVE in YOU!

Director Info

Ladies I am here for you all! If you want to sell $200 a month or promote to Director I am here to cheer you on and help you any way I can! If you need me anytime feel free to contact me. Im only an email, call or text away : )

Im looking forward to an AWESOME year with you wonderful ladies!