Edouard Boubat

Remi Listening To The Sea

Remi Listening To The Sea

Some describe his work as having a meditative quality. He says his process of making the picture is "The precise second I take a picture my mine is blank. Later it can be analyzed and one might say it is meditative or not." He also believes in "photographic atmosphere" where he can catch the atmosphere of the places he travels and that it is more important then what you are thinking when you take the picture. This portrait is famous because it breaks the unwritten rules of portraiture, yet looks stunning. Some of the broken rules would be that one of his shoulders are cut off and the framing is very tight. The portrait was taken in 1995 in a studio setting. What makes this such a fantastic picture is Remis's face. It almost looks as if the shell is whispering a secret to him.

What I Think

I think this portrait is stunning. I think the breaking of the portrait rules makes it unique. As Well as Remi's facial expression which adds emotion into the photo. I would not change anything I think this photo has enough going on, the lighting is wonderful, his facial expression is on point, and it has a childlike atmosphere to it. I think he captured Remi's childlike imagination and peacefulness.

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