2015 year review

the best and worst of 2015

the 3 company that market there products the best

1) Apple. apple always has great items and electronics this year they had many greats thing such as iPhone 6s and the apple watch\

2) Adidas has been the number one sneaker company before Nike. Nike did beat adidas but now adidas is coming back stealing contracts from Nike and heaving kanye west yeezy line is helping them a lot.

3) Nike is always at the top they are number one in sneaker sales and having Jordan brand under a contract is a major key that they are number one with a new sneaker dropping every Saturday to collaboration with the biggest brands and selling out Nike is the best.

the 2 best products in 2015

one was the apple watch the apple watch is a smart watch that pairs to your phone and can do most of the things your phone can its has started the smart watch race and each company wants to have the best . the second product was the Adidas yeezy boost the yeezy boost is a new sneaker by adidas which has there new sole technology and is designed by kanye west this shoe is the reason adidas had a great year.
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the worst product of 2015

the apple pen apple always has great products but v some are not so good such as a apple pen when they announced the new iPad they released a pen that would work with it but you must buy it separate and it cost $100 no one wants to pay $100 for a pen so it did not do as good as the rest of there products.
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top 2 movies of 2015

the best movie in my opinion was fast and the furious 7 i saw many commercial and celebrity talk about how the movie was amazing and it was a great movie and it sold like crazy. the 2nd best movie was star wars even though i am not a fan of the series it as the most sold movie in 2015 and they had star wars products all over every store had star wars merchandise.
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top 2 music artist of 2015

drake had a amazing 2015 with getting a contract with apple and Nike and his record sales where beating everyone and all his song where getting in the top 10 drake was all over Instagram twitter and apple music he had a amazing 2015. future had a amazing year also he and drake drooped a mix tape that had everyone talking and his album dirty sprite 2 was one of his best selling album.
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top 5 jordan of 2015

i love sneakers so it was only right for me to do a top 5 sneaker list of 2015 i chose Jordan

1)Chicago 1

2)ovo 10

3)supreme 5

4)hare 7

5) shattered back board 1

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New years resolutions

i want to improve my grades at school and do good in Spanish class.

i want to hang out with my friends more and do more then just go to the mall.

personal goal for me is to just improve as a human and help other out more.