Nuclear Fusion on Earth



Hi my name is Chloe me and my lab partners have made an amazing discovery about nuclear fusion. This paper will hopefully help you understand why this is such a big thing.

Nuclear Fusion

This is the type of energy process that the sun uses to combine 2 hydrogen's to make one helium. This type of energy was only possible in the sun because you needed so much space and it releases so much energy. We can now do this on the earth as well.

Nuclear fission

Nuclear fission is the energy that we can have been able to use on earth for some time. This energy is not as powerful as nuclear fusion because it is breaking atoms apart not fusing them together.

Safety concerns

This new technology is not all sunshine and rainbows, it does have some kinks that we need to iron out. The one that is most prominent is the fact that it requires very high heat and that is very hard to contain. This also could produce a negative net amount of energy. Nuclear fusion is also not what you would call predictable.

Economic impact

As you know coal, oil and other fossil fuels are nonrenewable. However nuclear fusion is almost limitless. Here on earth we have only been able to produce all the energy at once. But if we could learn to release it slowly like the sun this would be the ultimate energy for earth. If we adapt nuclear energy we can have a world without the energy limitations that we have today. There will still be limitations of course. We would only have the geophysical constraints imposing themselves on our way of life, I can live with that. If big energy companies start using nuclear fusion like NASA we will have much cheaper and more expansive space exploration, and that is only the beginning. There are many places where this can be used as well but we just are not sure of them yet.