Camas Ridge Counseling Corner

Week 7: November 2-6, 2020

~Just Breathe~

Our brains control us! Our brains control our thinking, our emotional response, our physical movement, AND our brains lie to us, send us mis-information, and cause reactions that may not be necessary. This causes us additional stress, tension, and anxieties.

This week, we have begun learning how to tame and control our brains. When we learn about our brain, how our brain works and why it works as it does, we can begin to learn how to control our brain so it doesn't control us.

I love the Hand Model of the Brain as a great representation of how the brain functions. This 'hand model' helps provide a visual representation of how the brain processes information and what happens when we 'flip our lid' or have an big emotions. Check out this playlist to learn more.

See below for more information about what was shared with your student and Camas Ridge teachers this week about Mindful Breathing. . . helpful for students and adults!

Mindful Breathing~learning our brain power

Below and linked here is a video lesson I shared with your students this week through their Seesaw classroom about Mindful Breathing

Parent Groups

The south region counselors would like to invite you to 2 parent groups/events:

1) Behavior Management Parenting Group

  • run by UO Child and Family Center
  • Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm
  • First event Wednesday Nov. 11 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Zoom link: Parent Group Night (zoom link) (Meeting ID: 912 0842 5682; Passcode: Parents)

2) Timely Topic Tuesdays

  • run by elementary counselors on varying topic specific to times.
  • Second Tuesday of month 6:00-7:00pm
  • First event Tuesday, Nov. 10 6:00-7:00 at Timely Topic Tuesdays (zoom link) (Meeting ID: 914 4889 6490; Passcode: 496274)

See this flyer for more information: Parent Groups and Events Flyer

Counseling Center Services and Offerings

Lunch Bunches & Mindful Meetings

Lunch Bunch: Want time for social connections for your student? I've made time for grade levels to come together and meet over lunch and connect with others of similar grades. Students can come every time or whenever they'd like. No specific agenda, just come and talk, share, interact with, and see your peers. Bring your lunch, or not.

  • K/1: Tuesdays and Fridays 12:15-12:45
  • 2/3: Mondays and Thursdays 12:30-1:00
  • 4/5: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:45-1:15

Students can join by accessing my zoom link through my page in Clever (shows up alongside classroom teacher when students sign in) and also posted here: Ms. Jaime's ZoomRoom

Mindful Meetings

Mindful Meetings: Open to any student who would like to join us while we focus on learning about our brains and strategies to tame and control our brains and emotions. Come every time or whenever you can.

  • K/1: Wednesdays 10:00-10:25
  • 2/3: Wednesdays 11:15-11:45
  • 4/5: Wednesdays 12:35-1:05

Students can join by accessing my zoom link through my page in Clever (shows up alongside classroom teacher when students sign in) and also posted here: Ms. Jaime's ZoomRoom

Visit my Virtual Counseling Space & Website

In this virtual and distanced world, it's hard to maintain connections. I've created a couple resources and platforms that may help with communication and access. Visit these sites for community resources, request a meeting, video lessons, read-alouds, and other resources.

Explore my virtual classroom: Camas Virtual Counseling Space

And visit our Camas Ridge Counseling Corner website

You can contact me through the above sites to schedule time to consult with you, meet individually with your child, or otherwise provide supports or services.

4j and Community Resources

Click on picture below to be linked to listing of resources for food, technology, and child-care

Need Help or Connection to Resources?

If your family is in need of any additional resource, whether it is food, clothing, school supplies, parenting supports, mental health supports or something else, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We will always do what we can to help!

Use this Google Form to request support:

Contact & Scheduling Information

Click this link to schedule an appointment for you or your student:

Office hours (by appointment or drop-in):

  • Mondays 1:30-2:30
  • Monday evenings 5:00-6:00 (by appointment)
  • Fridays 1:30-2:30

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