Come To The Great Minnesota

The land of Trees and Water

"The fish practically jump in your canoe" - Ernest Hook.

There are so many lakes filled will all types of fish in Minnesota that it is easy to catch fish here. The thousands of lakes also make for easy traveling and there are lots of trees for building a cabin or clear the land for a nice farm.

Franklin Steele

Steele carried on a profitable trade at Fort Snelling. He sold supplies to officers and men, to occasional settlers and lumbermen, and to the Indians. He carried the largest stock of goods in the Northwest at the time; clothing, food, tobacco, and liquors formed the bulk of his sales. He sold goods both at retail and wholesale,

supplying smaller traders with goods for the Indians. Much of his business was done on credit. In a small way, he carried on a banking business, loaning money, cashing drafts, and forwarding funds for the army officers.

Visit Beautiful Fort Snelling!

Trading post and supplies.

At the junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, a place of major social, cultural significance to all people inhabiting the region. We serve the U.S. Military, travelers and fur traders in the area.

Minnesota Facts (some what)

  • Minnesota is a fast growing place .
  • The people that are and have came to Minnesota have made Minnesota a new place a lot has changes and all the changes has made Minnesota a wonderful place.
  • As more people come Minnesota will change in countless ways.
  • Minnesota is know for many things like...
  • It's many lakes.
  • In Minnesota it snows in the winter and in the summer it is warm.
  • It's many different animals
  • Logging
  • Farming
  • End I could go on forever but I will stop here.

How to get to Minnesota.

  • Take a train from the East Coast to Mississippi River towns such as Galena, Illinois, and then board a steamboat bound for Minnesota.
  • Steamboats making regular stops at the village of St. Paul.

*The boats run only from April to November, when the river is clear of ice.

**Galena to St. Paul (2 to 6 days).