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This is my 16th year of teaching elementary students in the Texas public school system! I have taught in LISD since 2007, and before that I taught in Kingwood, TX as well as in the West Texas area. I am a proud graduate of Texas Tech University! Wreck'em Tech!

Teaching children with dyslexia is a new found passion of mine! There is nothing better than being able to give students the tools they need to help them to become better readers and spellers. I love being able to develop the relationships and give students the support that comes from working with them in small group settings over the course of several years. Children with dyslexia have so many strengths and amazing capabilities. It is a privilege to be able to encourage them to pursue those talents and to be confident in school.

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Language Science Curriculum

The program LISD uses for children who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia is the Multisensory Teaching Approach or MTA. MTA is based on the Orton-Gillingham model. The MTA program is a sequential and cumulative curriculum that places primary emphasis on the 85% of the English Language that is phonetically reliable for reading and spelling. There are four major areas of study: alphabet and dictionary skills, reading, spelling, and cursive handwriting.