Proteins !!!!!!!

don't get stuck with a lame macromolecule

Proteins- What are they????

A protein, by definition, is an organic compound that is made of one or more chains of amino acid and that is the principal component of all cells, but why a protein is the best macromolecule is far beyond the definition.

What elements are inside of them?

They are composed mainly of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Along with the elemets they are made of, they are also formed through the linkage of monomers named amino acids.

But... What do they actually do?

They have many functions , but their most important functions are that they make up many structures on living things, such as skin and nails. Also, they are responsible for creating the hormone insulin into the body, which stimulates cells to take up glucose. And finally, they make up muscles, a function every human and animal needs to survive.

What are some examples of them?

The three best examples of proteins inside proteins are dipeptides, polypeptides,and enzymes.

Where to find them?!

Since they are the coolest, they are EVERYWHERE! You can find them readily available and strong in various muscles. From animal to human muscle, they are in every muscle you will ever encounter.